Third Eye Awakening N-N DMT 0.1g


Dmt, pure dmt
This is Pure N-N- DMT

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Peace and Harmony to you all our cosmic families.

This is 0.1g it is very potent. This Pure form DMT. We are in times of Attaining Cosmic Consciousness; Known as the Golden Age.

This spice gathered from herbs and root barks (mimosa hostilis) used in ancient times will take you on a trip to meeting your higher-self, attaining universal consciousness accessing your Akashik Records if done right without fear and doubt. We are In the times were mental and spiritual slavery must be abolish and we each own our true identity and live in love and harmony with each other
You will require a clear glass ball pipe. Example of glass ball pipe is in the gallery we do not provide this.

Weight 0.1 g


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