The Knowledge Book


The Knowledge Book

The Knowledge Book Dictated from the 18th Dimension is transmitted from the Channel Alpha and received in our realm in 1981 by Dear Mevlana. This Book gives you your Universal Cosmic Consciousness.
It is written in Photon Cyclone Energy Frequency- this means it reads You as You read it. This is the Highest Frequency Book on our planet. Your thoughts are being analyzed and help is sent to you from Higher Dimensions. As you read the book pay attention to your dreams as the engraftment process will be initiated. The Universe has opened up to our Earth and we are receiving massive amounts of Cosmic Influences to assist the Terrestrials in Our Ascensions.

Many have been awaiting what they know as the Resurrection or the crossing of the Sirat. We know this period as the Golden Age. The awakening of all consciousness. We are in the period of Super Human -All the Veils have fallen.

Please Google the Mevlana Essence Nucleus Group and read the excerpt.

Our Celestial Families are awaiting.

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I want you to gain ur cosmic self.
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